“My hobby – endless development!”

Let‘s get to know each other: I‘m Gintare Jonaityte, my life credo is:

„My love for life is my energy“

To accept, to let it go, to enjoy all experiences, what LIFE gives to me. That is a big inspiration for my positive development and experiences.
I‘m accredited (T.C.Campbell „Nutritional studies center, Stanford university, „Child nutrition and cooking“, US) plant – based nutritionist, healthy life style, slow living practitioner, passionate lecturer, founder of Ann Wigmore* healthy clubs in Lithuania (Vilnius, Klaipeda, Siauliai, Panevezys). I‘m fond of creation of new recipes and concepts in plant – based area, had a remarkable practise at „Living Global Center“ (Sweden) – to build different meal plans for groups with different needs, also cook and serve for them.

At the moment I‘m an owner of non – profit organization „ Endless Personal Development“, also founder of first school of conscious eating and balanced life in Lithuania – AMBERVITA! Add to above I‘m studying BIOMEDICINE (my childhood dream is coming true) at „ASNH“ (American School of Natural Health, US).

I‘m happy to lead conscious, plant – based eating workshops, the cycle of seminars „Live food and it‘s effect on your health“, „Plant – based ABC“ and etc. Also consulting on healthy life style, building meal plans for individuals or corporative needs, with a big passion can offer an advice for healthier catering options and for restaurants/cafes on their menus.

Every encounter with food in the kitchen, creating new recipes or with someone advising him – a new great page, that is full of colors, experiences, changes – full of LIFE!

I am happy because I believe in what I’m doing, I know what I’m doing and I love what I do!

With LOVE and Health
Gintare Jonaityte