I’m happy to participate in health education, healthy lifestyle events and read messages, and share the experience.

Examples of topics:

Plant – based ABC – a series of workshops about successful and painless transition to this diet with specific steps and recipes, equipment (choice of products, food combining and natural detoxification, digestive enzymes and intestinal microflora; the most important vitamins and minerals, where to get them, plant vs. animal protein, fat, RDA, etc.).

Green cocktails and juices – products combination, production nuances, steps, benefits.
Child / family eating on plant-based – practical techniques and recipes, how to convince the family to begin to make healthy plant – based food.

Individual topics: “Goodbye overweight“, “Natural super food on a daily basis“, “Strengthen your immune system naturally”, “Liquid diets” and so on.

Practical cooking classes – plant – based diet at your home, at the office, with friends or family.

Information about your seminar: